Sevens Skincare is an Italian brand that was born in 2015 from the idea and passion for aesthetics of its founders, who have been dealing with professional aesthetics for over 25 years, developing cosmetic projects and make-up lines for the main brands in the sector.

Attentive to the demands of the world of beauty, Sevens Skincare intercepts the needs of the beauty routine by proposing innovative formulations of the latest generation and targeted vegan products, with rapid absorption, which favor the skin rejuvenation process, thus creating a cosmetic line of the highest quality.

Aware that beauty is an absolute value and that our defects constitute our uniqueness, we believe that true beauty lies in loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves and our skin.


Our commitment is aimed at the continuous search for selected and certified products that allow us to offer extremely effective latest generation cosmetics.

These cosmetic specialties are characterized by soft and velvety textures with rapid absorption, visible results from the first applications and high performance.

Our mission has always been to create products:

  • – with hypoallergenic formulations
  • – without parabens and petrolatum
  • – dermatologically tested
  • – not tested on animals
  • – 100% made in Italy
  • – vegans


Sevens Skincare is a brand of latest generation cosmetic products, whose watchword is “awareness”. Our goal is to respect your skin and the planet that hosts us.

Our products are formulated with selective active ingredients, which combine the maximum naturalness of the formulas with the maximum cosmetic result. Sevens Skincare cosmetics contain only ingredients of plant origin and are made without the exploitation of animals, thus promoting ethical beauty.

Quality, technology and innovation are our main characteristics and, with great pride, our products are also totally vegan.

Sevens Skincare is, therefore, a perfect line for vegetarians, vegans and for all those who wish to take care of their skin in an ethical way and without using products deriving from animal exploitation.


From beauty to enlightenment, water lilies represent different emotions and ideas in the world.

For us, the water lily, a symbol of beauty and purity, has been a source of inspiration in the creation of highly performing cosmetics. Thus, as the water lily blooms at every sunrise and returns to rest at every sunset, our products are designed to pamper your skin in a skincare-routine that begins in the morning and ends in the evening.